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Are you looking for a unique and exclusive culinary experience in Scottsdale, AZ? Look no further than Sanctuary, where you can find sensational dining options that will delight all palates. Our exclusive network of sites creates original events that you won't find anywhere else. Recently, OTTO Car Club chose M Culinary as their exclusive supplier for their new private club and event space. We were honored and delighted to be part of their grand opening event.

Guests were welcomed by members of the OTTO team and then directed to the 4-sided bar located in the center of the glittering three-story warehouse. The atmosphere was enhanced by moonlight balloons hanging from the ceiling and rare exotic cars strategically placed on the main level. Upstairs, guests were treated to a unique Singer prototype in the members' club room. The guests stayed long after the “official end” of the party, and the M Culinary team was happy to serve a little more than expected. The grand opening celebration set the right tone for what is sure to become one of Scottsdale's most popular private event venues.

Charlene Miles
Charlene Miles

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